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The above drawing is Joyful Dance by the artist Jean Keaton (

We normally have a Sunday school at the 10.30am service  and visiting children are most welcome to join in.  There is something every week for the children, including in the summer. We still provide  a Christian focused session during the summer although not always according to what is stated in the lectionary. The format is still the same i.e.  Bible teaching, prayers / games craft.

There are child-focused Christian activities every week at St Chad’s Church.

The leaders, parents and their children participate in the beginning of the service in church and then go through to the hall after the first hymn.

Also the children come back into church at the end of the service for a blessing or to take communion and to talk about the Sunday school activities they have undertaken. They then stay for the last hymn.

Parents can accompany their children into Sunday school and work with them on the tasks prepared.

All involved have great fun.  The age range is about 3 to 14 years.  The leaders are Brian Scotcher, Pauline Barlow, Dee Amos and Joanne Andrews – all CRB checked.

Please come along and join in.


Sunday 6th July 2014.

The children enjoyed being taught the song: Be Bold Be Strong.  All of the words can be found at the following website:,-be-strong/

A sung version can be heard at the following website:


Monday 3 March till 30 June 2014 at St. John’s Church Walmley.  Bereavement and Loss Counselling for primary aged children.

St John's Pot of Gold  Poster for 2014


Sunday 9th February 2014.

The Sunday School children today sang a beautiful song to the congregation after learning it earlier.  It was called:  ‘Jesus bids us shine’. The words can be found by clicking on this link:


Sunday 1st December 2013.  First Sunday of Advent.

At today’s 10.30 Service the Sunday School children lit the first of the Advent candles in the countdown to Christmas Day. See below.

Then they went into the church hall and had a great time in  Sunday School where some parents choose to stay and join in with their children whilst others attend the service in church.


Sunday 17th November 2013. 

There were 14 children in Sunday School today.  They learnt to sing ‘Jesus’ love is very wonderful’ and then they sang it to the congregation. Click the first link to see the words and the second to hear it sung by other children.

Sunday 3rd November 2013.


In Sunday School today children enacted the Story of Zaccheus.  If you don’t know it, here it is below:

Story of Zaccheus

Zaccheus sees a crowd of people.

Zaccheus asks: “What are you all waiting for ?”

Crowd: “Jesus is coming. Look you can see him coming up the road”.

But Zaccheus could not see him because he was a little man.

Zaccheus thought to himself: “I really want to see Jesus. I have done a lot of wrong things and I heard that he can help me, but I am too small to see him. I know I will climb up that sycomore tree.”

Zaccheus climbs up the tree.

Jesus walking past, looks up in to the tree and says to Zaccheus. “Zaccheus come down from that tree”.

Zaccheus came down and Jesus said ” Today I am coming to your house.”

Zaccheus was overjoyed but the crown were very unhappy, they said,

“He is a dishonest man, he has taken our money.  Why is Jesus going to the house of

someone who is so bad?”

But Jesus knew that Zaccheus was sorry for what he had done and wanted to become a

good person.

Zaccheus said: “I will pay back money to anyone I have cheated and I will give half my money to the poor”.

Jesus said ” What you have done today is very good and special.  You know that God

loves you and now you love God.”

Then they all went to Zaccheus’s house for a meal.

The children then came into the church and acted the story in front of the congregation and then taught them how to sing the song of Zaccheus.  No. 919 in the Complete Anglican Hymns Old & New.


 Sunday 7th July 2013.

The mime below was performed by our Sunday School children several times to the congregation and was much enjoyed by both. Feeling that it should be seen by a wider audience it is reproduced here.

MIME – Growing & Joining.

Sometimes sad things happen in our families, in our town, in our world.

It makes us feel small and helpless (curl up in a ball)

But with God’s help, like seeds, we can begin to grow (slowly uncurl, reach up slowly with your arms, stand up)

We can reach out to one another (stretch your arms out sideways, touch fingers with someone close by)

We can encourage one another and encircle the world with God’s love (hold hands to form a circle)

We can help to bring about God’s new creation.   


Permission to post this mime was given by the author Jane Wilson and the web publisher Worship and Learning for the Whole Church


 Sunday 9 June 2013.

Today the children learnt about welcoming new people into all they do at church and how Jesus restored life to a widow’s only son  to show that he was of God and had power over life and death.

Sunday 23 January 2011.

The children made a fishing-net and fish like Peter did on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.  They learned that this was symbolic of the disciples’ role in becoming ‘fishers of men’; gaining Christian converts.  Showing the congregation was great fun.



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