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Birmingham City Council.                                                             

Birmingham City Council.                                             

Birmingham UK (information)                                                    

Bishops Youth Council                                        

Central Sutton Coldfield Churches Together        

Christian Aid                                                                                     

Christianity Net                                                                               

Christian Music Festival.                                                                    

Church of England                                                                             

Church of England Net Directory                                       

Church Times (church news)                                                        

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Carisbrooke Priory Trust (healing and prayer)            

Falcon Lodge Chapel                                                        

Friendsfirst (a Christian dating agency) Tel: 0121 427 1286

Friendsfirst (a Christian dating agency)        

Holy Trinity Church Sutton Coldfield                                                     

Lightline Pilgrimages is one of the UK’s leading tour operators specializing in Christian pilgrimage, both to the Holy Land, and to many other countries.

Malawi Association for Christian Support (MACS)                    

Pilgrimage brochures are available on                                            

ROOTS: Worship and Learning for the Whole Church      

Society for Promoting  Christian Knowledge                                       

St. John’s Church Walmley                                                   

St. Michael’s Church Boldmere                                                   

St. Giles Hospice                                                                           

St. Peters Church Maney Sutton Coldfield                        

Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church                                                            

Sutton Coldfield Connection                                                                    

Sutton Coldfield’s Local clubs & societies

Sutton Coldfield United Reformed  Church                                 

The Children’s Society                                                          

The Iona Community                                                                                 



World Prayer Centre