Past Events

Saturday 16th May 2015.  Extravaganza Concert.

Click the link below to see the photos of a brilliant evening of Eurovision Song Contest songs, sung by St. Chad’s Singing Group.  The hall was packed out and £575 was raised for Church funds.

However, a huge thank you should go to Brian Scotcher, the Singing Group, the men and women from the Monday Club and Social Committee who spent many more hours than most will realised preparing for this evening’s entertainment.  One lady said that she hadn’t been to a concert at St. Chad’s before and was surprised how much she had enjoyed it.  It is probably was the tasty fish and chip supper that swung it!


Saturday 21st March 2015.  Spring Afternoon Tea.

Thank you to all the people  who helped and supported the tea.  £420 was raised for church funds and Malawi orphans.  Click on the title above then when it appears click the link below to see the photos.

Sunday 21st December 2014.  Nativity.


The congregation were treated to a rendering of the Nativity story by the Sunday School children which was a delight to experience.  Great fun; thank you to the parents and Sunday School helpers for all their work.  Click the link below to  see more photos and video.


Saturday 6th December 2014. Vaughan Singers’ Concert.


This fund raising event was very successful.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the music and refreshments.  At the last count £350 was raised for the church and our charity the Malawi Orphans.  Thank you to the Vaughan Singers themselves who do so much for charity and all the volunteers’ work without which such events would not happen.  They are much appreciated.



Saturday 22nd November 2014. Xmas Fair.


This was a huge success, probably because of good advertising of the event.  Also thank you very much to all the people who helped organise the event.  It was a great achievement. The latest count shows that £1535 were raised; one of the best Christmas Fairs in recent years.  Click the link below to see the photos and videos.  Can you see yourself anywhere?

Saturday 18th October 2014.  Barn Dance.


Below is a link to photos and video of the barn dance at St. Chad’s church.  If you were there, you might be able to see yourself; if you weren’t there see what you were missing.  It was fantastic fun.  Thank you to the social committee who worked so hard to arrange the event.  Click on the link:

Sunday 13th July 2014.  The Strawberry Cream Tea at St. Chad’s.

The tea was lively and enjoyable.  All of the tables were full.  £432 was raised for church funds and Malawi orphans, our charity.  Click the link below to see the photos.

Thank you to all those who helped organise the event and to all the people who came on the day.

Saturday 14th June 2014.  Churches Together Christmas Tree Fund for Falcon Lodge.

As part of St. Chad’s contribution to this all-day event, afternoon tea and cakes was provided in the church hall at a £1 a ticket.  It was very well attended and apparently raised £100 towards the Christmas Tree Fund.  Birmingham City Council used to provide the tree at a cost of  £2000.  It no longer feels able to this and so the churches have come together to raise the money.  Click on the link below to see the photos.


Saturday 10th May 2014.  Centenary Celebrations of the First World War.

This evening of music, singing and remembrance was a great success.  Click the link below to see the photos taking by Alf Beckett one of our church wardens.


Saturday 22 March 2014 Messy Church at St. Chad’s

The event was a great success.  Fifty five meals were served to parents and children.  There were many tables with different activities from making, mobiles, gliders, wiggly eggs, sock puppets etc.  Thank you to all the parents and children who came and to all the helpers and the Children and Young Peoples Committee and Sunday School and Youth Services Committee and the ladies who did the catering in the kitchen.  A brilliant effort.

Get a flavour of the occasion by clicking the link below to see photos and video.


Sunday 12th January 2014.  Baptism of Christ.

The congregation at the 10.30am service were treated to a performance by the Peel Puppets.  The church was nearly full and children and adults enjoyed them very much.  See picture below.



Sunday 22nd December 2013.  St. Chad’s Nativity by the Sunday School.

The church was packed to see the Sunday School children’s performance of the Nativity and the two holy baptisms.   A huge ‘thank you’ goes to the Sunday School volunteers and parents who helped to organise this production. See the photos and video below:


See more photos by clicking the following link:

 See the videos by clicking the links below:

2013-12-22 Nativity video MVI 8919

2013-12-22 Nativity video MVI 8920

2013-12-22 Nativity video ‘Glory to God in the Highest’ MVI 8961


Thursday 19 December 2013.  St. Chad’s Teddy Bears Toddler and Baby Group Xmas Party.


What a party this is judging from the photos provided by Eileen.  Doesn’t it make you wish you were a toddler again!!  Thank you Eileen.  Click the link below to see an oasis of pleasure and goodwill.


Saturday 23rd November 2013.  Christmas Fair.

As the pictures below illustrate, St. Chad’s Christmas Fair went very well indeed.  Click once on a picture to enlarge it. And thank you to all the people who donated items for the stalls, the stallholders, cooks in the kitchen and customers who made all of this event possible.  Very good indeed.  Over £1,400 was raised.  Brilliant!!!

Here is a bit of video to give the atmosphere.  A range of choices in the restaurant/café were on the menu along with tea and cakes. Click on this link:  MVI_8848.


Saturday 26th October 2013.  Table Top Sale.

This event raised over £200.  Thank you to all the church members who helped man the tables.  See photo below.


Sunday 14th July 2013.  The Strawberry Cream Tea.

 The Cream Tea was a great success with 75 people attending.  The weather was brilliant and the atmosphere joyful.  We raised £480 for the St. Chad’s Church and Malawi orphans.  Many thanks to all of you who prepared the strawberries, made the cakes, served, provided raffle prizes or attended on the day.  Church is providing us with our next amount of money and this will be sent shortly to pay for food and next term’s school fees.

Sue Gregory.

Click the link below to see all the photos of the occasion.  You might see yourself.

and for video click below:


 Sunday 24th March 2013.  The Cream Tea.

The Cream Tea raised £270 for the church and the charities it supports. Over 30 people attended. This was a real success considering the snow and the cold. Thank you to all the people who helped and all of those who came.

Sunday 13th January 2013.  Peel Puppets came to St. Chad’s.

The Peel Puppets came to the 10.30 Service to help celebrate the baptism of Christ and all the children who have been baptised at St. Chad’s over the last 2 years. Many children and their parents were present and really enjoyed the uplifting atmosphere. It was brilliant. See photo below.

 Sunday 30th December 2012. Morning Prayer.

This service afforded another chance to enjoy the Christmas decorations in the church and to reflect for a moment on the efforts of the church members who have worked in the background to make our Christmas celebrations possible.

Monday 24th December 2012.  Crib Service. 

This service at 4pm was very well attended.  The children enjoyed hunting around the church for the hidden figures and animals to create the nativity scene pictured.

Sunday 23rd December 2012. The Nativity.

Two angels from the nativity came to us today. Many more children from the Sunday School took part in the enactment of the nativity story along with teenagers and adults. It was heart-warming to see.  All the work of the Sunday School leaders in organising the nativity is appreciated.

20th December 2012. The Christingle Service.

This picture expresses the deeply spiritual atmosphere of this service. Some think it is the best service of Christmas. It is in aid of the Children’s Society,; a part of the Church of England that does very important work with vulnerable children and teenagers; which is poignant when we remember that Christ was homeless when born.

 Sunday 16th December 2012.  Carol Service at 4.30pm. 

This service was a beautiful introduction to the lead up to Christmas.  The church was admirably decorated and the service was followed by a hot mulled wine and mince pies.  Thank you to the ladies who organised this.  The photo above features the Singing Group.

Saturday 16th March 2013.  The Lenten Lunch hosted by the Walkers. 

The Lenten Lunch was hosted by John and June Walker. It was for the purpose of raising funds for church and the Malawi Orphans. The function went very well as can be seen in the photo.


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