Reading of Banns


Wedding Sutton Coldfield If you live in the Parish of St Chads and are getting married at another church it is very likely that you will need to have your banns read at St Chads Church on 3 consecutive Sundays within 3 months of the date of your wedding. You can check which parish you live by clicking the button below

Parish Checker

To arrange the reading of banns please come to our 10.30am Service on a Sunday and make yourself known to our vicar after the service or contact Rev’d Jonathan Nicholas

He will meet with you and make all the necessary arrangements, including sorting out the paperwork and the fee for reading the banns which is £43.

Payment Options

The meeting will take around 20mins and you should bring with you some form of ID such as a passport or driving licence.

You can fill the form in when you meet the vicar, or you can download the Banns Application Form. We usually read wedding banns on the 1st 3 Sundays of a month. Once your banns have been read you will be given a certificate to give to the church that is marrying you. We encourage you to come and hear your banns being read as it is all part of the journey of preparing for marriage. If you come to the service for the last reading of your banns we can give you the certificate straight after the service.

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